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Title Chequered Justice
Author John Bartlett
Narrator Leslie Phillips CBE
Running Time 1011 mins
Download Price GBP 11.99
Content Copyright Year 2010
Content Copyright Holder John Bartlett
Audiobook Copyright Year 2014
Audiobook Copyright Holder John Bartlett
Audiobook Pub Date 2014 (CD Edition)
Language English
Publisher Amazing Journeys Ltd
Publisher Url www.chequeredjustice.com
ISBN Of Digital Audiobook Title 9780956910486

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Only a handful of individuals ever make it in the world of professional racing. Only a minute few of those who do make it, experience the devastating effects of becoming seriously injured, with the inevitable collapse of their life’s dreams. Imagine the trauma and torment of losing it all, only to be accused of having deliberately constructed the event of your downfall ... by the Crown!

Chequered Justice is the story of a court case that many say should never have been heard and, some say, couldn’t have happened – and yet ... Chequered Justice is a story inspired by true events!

Will Middleton lives to race. More than just a sport, more than a hobby, it's his first love, his livelihood, and the centre of all his dreams. Thatcher's Britain is in meltdown, yet despite the deepening recession, Trans-Atlantic, his new racing team, has just pulled off a major coup - sponsors are queuing up, nothing can go wrong now, surely.

The police raid comes out of the blue. Will is questioned under caution. He is charged with fraud and finds himself in a Kafkaesque world where his guilt appears to have been decided in advance. How could a riding accident, an insurance claim, a bounced cheque, and a brief moment of temptation all converge into such a nightmare? Even as his legal team fights for his acquittal, Will knows in his heart that there is a conspiracy, and the roots of it lie deep in the ancient secret society of the Masons. Trans-Atlantic becomes a distant memory as Will encounters a darker side of life and leaves the glamorous world of motor racing far behind.

Leslie Phillips CBE can be seen talking about his part in the production of Chequered Justice Audiobook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy1EHItdAdc&list=UU2iyolTKyypwRL6PQXKExVw


Howard Marks aka Mr Nice: F…ing first class! Innovative, engaging, witty, suspenseful, different, superbly written, moving, interesting, and everything else.... It’s as bold and innovative as its author. Chequered Justice gives the reader a breath-taking guided tour of race-track suspense, lifts the lid off lethal insurance brokers, exposes the bent nature of law enforcement, and dives into the depths of emotional whirlwinds. I loved it!

Ed Foster, Associate Editor MotorSport: A fantastic read whether you’re a racing fan or not - a proper page turner... Highly recommended!

Michael Mansfield QC (Barrister for the Birmingham Six miscarriage of justice appeal): A chilling tale set on the twin tracks of motor racing and justice, exposing the hazardous pit-stops of one against the systemic pitfalls of the other, in which truth becomes the loser.

Alan Smith (KM Publishing Group): If even a 10th of this book is true, we should all feel very afraid indeed.

Lucy Forde, InsideTime: Be concerned about the corruption that is portrayed in the Criminal Justice system; be assured it really does go on!


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