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Title The Enchantress
Sub Title A Love Triangle with Death
Sable R. Jak
Actors Wednesday Wolf, Cheryl Massey-Peters, Joseph Cassanessa, Donna De La Rosa, John Empy, Johanna Polit, Charlie Miller, Michael Hunter & Melissa Hanbey. Announcer: Aesop Ames.
Running Time 2hr 36mins
Download Price GBP 2.99
Award Name Spirit Of Moondance , Moondance International Film Festival
Winner/Nominee Sable Jak
Award Category Radio Drama Script
Year Of Award 2012
Content Copyright Year 2011
Content Copyright Holder Sable Jak
Audiobook Copyright Year 2012
Audiobook Copyright Holder Sable Jak
Language English
Publisher Sebastian T Sweet Productions



Movie composer Davis Hunter is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. He’s got it all - talent, money, charm and a bad-boy reputation that attracts all the wrong women. And he's frightened. The stress, the press and the demands on him have created a block he can't overcome;  until he meets - and falls in love with - the ghost of a famous ballerina.

To get away from everything, he buys "The Enchantress", the late 1940's Ballerina Noemi Barnes’ beautiful mansion. He finds himself drawn to her portrait and the story of her suicide, wondering if that is the fate that awaits him. One night she emerges from her portrait and he finds himself stepping out of his own body to consummate their love affair, an action which threatens his fragile life.

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