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Title Plato's Meno
Translated and Narratred by Albert
A. Anderson
Cast Socrates (William Sigalis);
Meno (Travis Murray);
Anytus (Al Anderson);
Servant (Alex Panagopoulos)
Directed by Raymond Munro
Music by Michael Severens
Running Time
1Hr 13Mins
Copyright and Publisher 1998 Agora Publications, Inc
Download Price GBP 4.99
Language English



A dialogue between Socrates and Meno probes the subject of ethics. Can goodness be taught? If it can, then we should be able to find teachers capable of instructing others about what is good and bad, right and wrong, or just and unjust. Socrates and Meno are unable to identify teachers of ethics, and we are left wondering how such knowledge could be acquired. To answer that puzzle, Socrates questions one of Meno's servants in an attempt to show that we know fundamental ideas by recollecting them.