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Title The Birth of Tragedy: From the Spirit of Music
Friedrich Nietzsche
William Sigalis
Music Michael Severens
Audio Sample 2Mins
Running Time
3Hrs. 14Mins. 46Sec
Copyright details 2013 by Agora Publications, Inc
ISBN 978-1-887250-6-27
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Language English
Unabridged version of Nietzsche’s first draft (1871)



Translated and adapted for oral performance by

Albert A. Anderson and Lieselotte Anderson

Friedrich Nietzsche opened the door to philosophy in the 20th century. He anticipated depth psychology, championed myth, attacked literalism in religion and the arts, placed humanity in an evolutionary perspective, and launched a critique of scientism that remains potent in the 21st century.

In this, his first book, Nicetzsche developed all of those themes to a remarkable degree by uniting Apollo and Dionysus as the central symbol of human existence.