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Waiting for Redemption – A Phil Byrnes Mystery

Philomena “Phil” Byrnes and her husband Peter ran the Byrnes Private Investigation company in Seattle, Washington; until Peter was murdered at his desk late one night. While keeping the company alive Phil has been slowly gathering information to try and figure out who killed Peter.

An Elemental Horror by Sable R Jak

In 1890’s London the highest paid private detective is a woman: Rebecca Bowen. After the untimely death of her husband, Lady Montbury holds a series of séances. Unfortunately the spiritual communication she’s looking for isn’t what she’s expecting.

Chequered Justice by John Bartlett

Only a handful of individuals ever make it in the world of professional racing. Only a minute few of those that do make it, experience the devastating effects of becoming seriously injured, with the inevitable collapse of their life’s dreams. Imagine the trauma and torment of losing it all, only to be accused of having deliberately constructed the event of your downfall … by the Crown!