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Title An Elemental Horror
Sub Title A Rebecca Bowen Mystery (in three parts)
Author Sable R Jak
Announcer Wednesday Wolf
Actors Gin Hammond, Oleg Ruvinov, BJ West, Jane Cater, Joseph Cassanessa, Cheryl Massey-Peters, Judy Jacobs, John Empy, Mark West
Running Time 1 hr 45 mins
Download Price GBP 2.49
Content Copyright Year 2010
Content Copyright Holder Sable Jak
Audiobook Copyright Year 2010
Audiobook Copyright Holder Sable Jak
Audiobook Pub Date 2014
Award Spirit of Moondance , Moondance International Film Festival 2010
Language English
Publisher Sebastian T Sweet Productions
Publisher Url www.sablejak.com
Cover Artist Wednesday Wolf
Sound Design Aesop Ames
Music Composed And Performed By; Thomas Chaillan


In 1890's London the highest paid private detective is a woman: Rebecca Bowen.

After the untimely death of her husband, Lady Montbury holds a series of séances. Unfortunately the spiritual communication she's looking for isn't what she's expecting.

The creature that has taken up residence in the manor is described as being like a cage full of fluttering birds. It is accompanied by an overpowering, putrid smell reminiscent of an open grave. People disappear, disembodied moaning floats through the residence, and no one escapes the feeling of being watched.

In "An Elemental Horror" Rebecca is faced with one of her strangest cases to date. She, her secretary Polly Penniford and her body guard, Russian born Jack Saunders, must travel to Montbury Manor to investigate, find and stop the evil before it kills.