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Title Bliss, Psychology and Her First Ball
Katherine Mansfield
Narrator Elizabeth Ryder
Running Time 1hr 10mins 55secs
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Performing Rights 2014 The Lindsay Players
Language English



Three delightfully intriguing short stories from the pen of Katherine Mansfield (born Wellington, New Zealand, 1888 - died Fontainebleau, France, 1923).

In "Bliss" the listener is introduced to thirty-year old Mrs Bertha Young. She has everything …  an adorable baby … an abundance of money … an absolutely satisfactory house and garden … friends … books and music … she was in love with her husband, Harry, of course, in every other way, but just not in that way.  Then there was the pear tree …

The nameless He and She in "Psychology".  He is thirty-one, she is thirty.   Shehas invited him to tea.  Their discourse turns to the future of the psychological novel, and she asks:  “Do … you feel there’s quite a chance that the mysterious non-existent creatures – the young writers of today – are trying simply to jump the psychoanalyst’s claim?”  His reply shocks her at first.

Exactly when the ball began 18-year old Leila would have found it hard to say.  This, "Her First Ball" , is an enthralling experience but, at the same time, quite terrifying.  Someone bowed, smiled, and offered her his arm;  she hadn’t to die after all.  Someone’s hand pressed her waist, and she floated away like a flower that is tossed into a pool.   He steered so beautifully.  That was the great difference between dancing with girls and men … And when they came back to the hall there was the fat man waiting for her by the door.  It gave her quite a shock again to see how old he was …